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What’s So Interesting about Data Entry?


Data entry is one of the services I offered in my virtual assistant business, Virtual Colleague, LLC. While it appears as simplistic, data entry and an integral part of any business. Data entry is important for two reasons. First, it is a list of names, dates, amounts, descriptions, and other information pertinent to the business. Businesses thrive on lists of information. Lists are necessary to target customers, record what is the top seller, and other information.


The second important feature of Data entry is the realtime update of information. Data entry lists are updated almost immediately. They’re in invaluable source of information and can be access with one click. That’s why I offer Data entry as a service. It is vital to most businesses, yet it is something that is simple to do, time consuming, and repetitive in nature. Fast typing and getting it done quickly is easy money, but accuracy is expected and errors are inexcusable. While most virtual assistants shy away from typing long lists of information, it is part of the brain of the business. This information is used for marketing, promotions, selective offerings, surveys and other business ventures.


As a virtual assistant, I do a lot of typing and I give myself a typing test every month, just to make sure that I am in top form and not getting lazy with my strokes. It is also good for hand-eye coordination. Dexterity is important, when working in Data entry or figures. It saves a lot of corrections and brings a rhythm to the project.

Not to be confused with transcription, data entry is the creation of a list of information provided by the business or its clients. Transcription is typing words or figures that is created from some type of voice mechanism. Transcription involves additional equipment. Projects are transmitted online through special software programs. Then there is the foot pedal. This is connected to the computer, so the transcriptionist or virtual assistant can control the speed of the voice recording. It may be necessary to replay or slow down the speed, so the foot pedal is essential.


Both data entry and transcription are similar, but data entry is a more relaxed style of working. Transcription definitely requires specific equipment and rates are charged by the minute instead of by the hour. Data entry depends more on eyesight, but transcription relies on good listening.

Every time you receive an email or advertisement in the mail, you know your name and contact information is included on someone’s business list. As a virtual assistant, I think of all the opportunities for my business, when I receive one of these emails or mail. That’s why data entry should be part of most virtual assistant businesses. It is easy to do. You can always check your accuracy against the list provided, and it is a constant source of work for your business.

If you would like to know more about my virtual assistant business, Virtual Colleague, LLC, please click here.




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Yard Sale through the Eyes of a Virtual Assistant

Last Saturday, I helped out at a yard sale. It was a beautiful day and I was happy to help out. Fall is always a time for reflection, so I was surprised to find so many high-quality items at this yard sale. Someone did some serious thinking about what was important/unimportant. The sale took place about 30 miles from my home, so the neighborhood was quite different from mine, but still, the items were brand new or good-as-new.

The purpose of a yard sale is to clean out and get rid of things you think you will not use AND make some money doing it. Usually that money is ear-marked for something, like a vacation, new appliance or a big-ticket item. I was amazed at some of the items for sale. For example, there was a Wilson’s leather jacket brand new. The price was marked down substantially to sell, but still, it was great quality and the price was so affordable.

A virtual assistant’s services are much like the yard sale items. The more trained and experienced the virtual assistant is, the better the quality and skill in the services offered. As a virtual assistant, I specialize in writing projects, like resumes, blogging, training and how-to manuals, product descriptions and others, while also offering transcription, document preparation and general administrative tasks and projects.

A yard sale is usually a one day event, but as a virtual assistant, my services are available on a daily basis and can be tailored to fit my clients’ needs. I am a certified freelance writer, so writing comes easily to me. I relax by writing about something.

I keep a daily diary for my pen pals and friends, who live far away, about my activities, problems and other interesting information. I am also working on a manuscript that will one day get published. It is a novel about a family and their struggles. It is a simply story with twists and turns. I like to keep writing, because I get better at it with practice. It’s a lot like yoga.

The yard sale was also an opportunity to practice some of my networking skills. Networking is so important to a virtual assistant. It is my lifeline. Networking is free advertising and so easy to do. I am a shy person, an introvert, so networking was a problem for me, when I started my business. Thanks to help for some books about the subject, I am now better at it and actually enjoy doing it.

A yard sale is also a great place to meet people and help them to find what they’re looking for. Some people are only looking for specific items, while others like to browse, because, who knows, they may see something they like or need.

As a virtual assistant, I meet with potential clients and listen to their problems and issues. Then I come up with a plan to solve their problems and if the client is willing, we sign a contract and begin a virtual partnership, so I can help that client to save money and grow their business, whether it’s expansion of products or services or just growing cash reserves.

Yard sales are the answer to finding something you need without paying the full price. My virtual assistant business, Virtual Colleague, LLC, works in the same way. My company can save businesses money on employee taxes, wages and benefits and other expenses, such as, software licenses, office furniture and other employee perks. Businesses that want to save money, need to find a virtual assistant to help them reduce costs.

There is always anxiety at a yard sale. Will all the items get sold? How much money will be made? The same is true for a virtual assistant business. I am always looking for new clients and to assist other virtual assistants, when they need help.

Starting a virtual assistant business is never easy, but it is so rewarding. The reward comes, not so much with the money, but the satisfaction of reaching out and helping others.  It is the virtual partnership with other businesses that gives me the boost I need to keep going and be successful. I feel that when I help a client, I am successful.

Success is measured in different ways, but for me and my business, success is 1) partnering with businesses or individuals to help them to grow and prosper, 2) seeing the results of my hard work and theirs to create something better and 3) enjoying the teamwork and sharing that is so necessary to succeed.


Think about a problem or issue you’re facing.

How can I help you, as a virtual assistant, to solve that problem?

Contact me at JPlante@VirtualColleagueLLC.com, so we can set up a meeting and discuss what issues you’re facing and how I can help you.


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