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Did you ever consider making a video for your product or service?

Video posts are becoming more popular, because they make your product or service seem real. Videos create the opportunity to provide new information about your product/service and let’s your potential customers/clients SEE your product or service in action.

script clip

While most of us have phones that can create videos, it’s not enough to make a great impression.

A great video starts with an idea about how to present your product/service. The idea should focus on what makes your product or service different from your competition. Then, an outline should be created to present your product/service in a step-by-step process. This is accomplished by hiring a video scriptwriter.

Video scriptwriter

Can anyone write a video script?

Of course, they can! But you need someone, who not only writes passionately about your product or service, but understands how to sell your product or service through words. That’s where a qualified copywriter or video scriptwriter knows how to present your product/service and how to entice potential customers/clients to contact you and ask for more information. The video script is important, because 1) it lays out the benefits of the product or service, 2) highlights the features, and then 3) gives potential customers/clients a reason to want what you have to offer. The script has to flow and seem very natural to anyone watching and listening.

man with Mic

Another consideration for a video script is the rhythm of the speaker. Sometimes, the writer has to analyze the speech pattern of the speaker.  Using words or speech cadence that the speaker is unfamiliar with can ruin a video, if it is not carefully synced together. Background in video can be distracting, so the writer has to work with the graphics department to ensure that although the product or service is shown, the words have to add additional meaning to the visual.

Music Band

Time is also a factor. You have to determine how long you want the video to run. Music may be used, but again, it should complement your product/service or create a feeling of urgency. The music should do more than create a mood. It should appeal to the customer/client’s senses. You must be careful and get full permission to use music, graphics, or other elements in your video. The penalties can be steep and include jail time.

The video presentation has to be believable, enticing, realistic, plain speaking, and give the customer/client a reason to want to know more.

As technology continues to grow and push boundaries, some business owners are going totally video. They do this for two reasons: 1) they like the intimate feeling that is conveyed to the public by looking into the camera and speaking directly to the viewer and 2) they have the opportunity to sell something visually, verbally, and audibly. Three great ways to reach customers/clients in ways they can relate to.

Camera man

Making a video can be fun and a great team-building project, so if you’re looking for something to enhance your marketing, try creating a video, but make sure you hire qualified professionals. Virtual Colleague, LLC specializes in video script writing for any product or service. Contact Virtual Colleague, LLC at JPlante@VirtualColleagueLLC.com to schedule a free consultation.


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Coaching vs Mentoring


Most virtual assistants want or need coaching and/or mentoring, but what’s the difference between the two? The definitions are close in meaning, but in general, terms, a virtual assistant coach is a person giving another virtual assistant instruction. Most coaches have expertise in a specific area and want to relay that information to someone just starting out in the business. Mentoring implies, and again the definition is close to coaching, giving advice or suggestions.

Mentoring coaching

What this means is that if a virtual assistant is looking for someone who has experience as a virtual assistant, then she should look for a coach. If, on the other hand, the virtual assistant is comfortable with her business, but needs help in creating a business plan or help setting goals for her business, she would be better off using the skills of a mentor. In general, mentors encourage and guide you through your plans.

At last month’s meeting of the New England Virtual Assistants in Massachusetts, the speaker, Christine Bearse, was both a virtual assistant and a coach. She is also developing her speaking skills beyond coaching. As a speaker, she wants to speak about coaching – what it is, the benefits of coaching, and how she can help any individual. Her presentation was extremely interesting, because she touched on several key points that are common in most virtual assistants.

So many times virtual assistants feel they have to be all things to all people, but in reality, they also need help with certain decisions or maybe even direction. It’s difficult to ask for help, even if you know you desperately need it.  As a businesspeople, virtual assistants feel they have to handle everything themselves. They want more business, so they wear that persona. Most virtual assistants have training as administrative professionals and they handled many corporate and executive tasks including project management. When they own their own businesses, they feel they can do it all.

This is not necessarily true. Most virtual assistants specialize or have a niche, so their efforts are concentrated around certain tasks or projects. This doesn’t mean that they don’t know about many other software programs or systems, but they focus on certain aspects of the business. If the business grows too fast or the niche changes, then the virtual assistant has quite a bit of work to do to get back on track.

That’s where a coach or mentor come in handy. The coach or mentor will schedule some time to talk to the virtual assistant and find out what the problems are and then come up with some suggestions or advice. Again, depending on the issue, the virtual assistant would need either a coach or mentor.


So what do you look for in a coach or mentor? Look for someone who is familiar with your type of business. Also, look for someone, who is easy to talk to and is accessible. Just because they’re a coach or mentor doesn’t mean they’re the one for you. You should set up a free consultation phone call or meeting and find out how they can help you.

Many times virtual assistants, who are looking for advice, will just pick a coach or mentor off the internet or find someone in their local area. That’s not going to help them, if the coach/mentor doesn’t have the right experience to help them. Just as in every aspect of the virtual assistant business, the virtual assistant has to research and verify information to find a qualified coach or mentor.

Interlocking Hands

The hardest part after you realize you need help with your business is finding someone qualified to help you and then asking for his or her help.


Do you use a coach or mentor?




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