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What’s So Interesting about Data Entry?


Data entry is one of the services I offered in my virtual assistant business, Virtual Colleague, LLC. While it appears as simplistic, data entry and an integral part of any business. Data entry is important for two reasons. First, it is a list of names, dates, amounts, descriptions, and other information pertinent to the business. Businesses thrive on lists of information. Lists are necessary to target customers, record what is the top seller, and other information.


The second important feature of Data entry is the realtime update of information. Data entry lists are updated almost immediately. They’re in invaluable source of information and can be access with one click. That’s why I offer Data entry as a service. It is vital to most businesses, yet it is something that is simple to do, time consuming, and repetitive in nature. Fast typing and getting it done quickly is easy money, but accuracy is expected and errors are inexcusable. While most virtual assistants shy away from typing long lists of information, it is part of the brain of the business. This information is used for marketing, promotions, selective offerings, surveys and other business ventures.


As a virtual assistant, I do a lot of typing and I give myself a typing test every month, just to make sure that I am in top form and not getting lazy with my strokes. It is also good for hand-eye coordination. Dexterity is important, when working in Data entry or figures. It saves a lot of corrections and brings a rhythm to the project.

Not to be confused with transcription, data entry is the creation of a list of information provided by the business or its clients. Transcription is typing words or figures that is created from some type of voice mechanism. Transcription involves additional equipment. Projects are transmitted online through special software programs. Then there is the foot pedal. This is connected to the computer, so the transcriptionist or virtual assistant can control the speed of the voice recording. It may be necessary to replay or slow down the speed, so the foot pedal is essential.


Both data entry and transcription are similar, but data entry is a more relaxed style of working. Transcription definitely requires specific equipment and rates are charged by the minute instead of by the hour. Data entry depends more on eyesight, but transcription relies on good listening.

Every time you receive an email or advertisement in the mail, you know your name and contact information is included on someone’s business list. As a virtual assistant, I think of all the opportunities for my business, when I receive one of these emails or mail. That’s why data entry should be part of most virtual assistant businesses. It is easy to do. You can always check your accuracy against the list provided, and it is a constant source of work for your business.

If you would like to know more about my virtual assistant business, Virtual Colleague, LLC, please click here.




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Networking Through Press Releases

What is a press release?


 A press release, also known as a news release, is a few brief statements that outline the major facts of a news story in journalistic style. It is also an official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter, such as a new product or service, a company sponsored event or employee promotions.

Social Media

With the explosion of social media, the press release is now considered a form of networking. Instead of creating a brochure, white paper, or advertising campaign, the press release provides the perfect opportunity to broadcast news, new products or services, personnel changes, company expansion, and a host of other newsworthy topics. Rather than going through the local newspapers, social media broadcasts the press releases in many forms and at lightning speed, so businesses can keep everyone up to date on changes within the business and any brand changes.

People Networking

Why is this considered networking?

Networking comes in many forms. Almost any type of marketing involves networking. You may think of networking as a business event “after hours”, but networking is any time information is exchanged between the company and potential customers or clients. Networking is meant to create a bond between the product/service/company and potential customers/clients, so anytime someone is interested in your company’s news, product, or information that is a form of networking.

Successful networking involves person-to-person contact as in a meeting, phone call, or event. Press releases used to appear only periodically and only for important events within a company. Now that social media has created an ongoing platform for all kinds of information, the press release is easily used to relate information as often as needed.

Can press releases really take the place of networking?

A true press release is more formal than a quick bite of text in social media and it is usually a page long and can contain photos, charts, or graphs. Pieces of the press release can be inserted into social media, so within a short period of time, the entire message or news is out on social media. Broken into small bites, it is sometimes easier for readers to understand. They can digest small snapshots of information, which makes them eager to read the rest of the announcement.

Virtual Colleague LLC 4

Virtual Colleague, LLC can get the results you need!

Press releases are easy enough to write up. After all, it relays information. You need someone, who knows how to write and get the message across briefly and succinctly, while creating interest in the announcement.

As a virtual assistant of Virtual Colleague, LLC, I can write press releases that not only convey the message, but also create the desire to know more about your product or service. Contact me today at 401-595-0087 for a free consultation. We will discuss your announcement and how I can relay more than just information to help your business grow.


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According to Dictionary.com, there are 2 similar definitions for the word “veteran”.

The first one is “a person who has served in a military force, especially one who has fought in a war.”

The second definition is “a person who has had long service or experience in an occupation, office, or the like.”

Most of us think of the military definition first, but let’s take a look at the other definition. Many of the virtual assistants in today’s industry are veterans of the administrative professional world. These virtual assistants have been in the trenches, so to speak. They’ve had to adapt to constant changes in schedules and calendars, learn new technology quickly, and deal with many different personalities in the workplace.



Most virtual assistants have battled with scheduling multiple events or meetings within a small window of time. They’ve also battled with travel plans, time zones, canceled flights, and last-minute hotel arrangements, not to mention dinner reservations.

All veterans rely on their initiative and past knowledge to get through difficult times, but not only get through them, but succeed and conquer. Most virtual assistants wearing business attire don’t look like they’re ready for battle, but the real battle is in their ability and capability to accept all challenges and complete the mission or goal.



The virtual assistant takes on the goals and missions of everyone she works for and it is her efforts and coordination that result in success – completing the project(s) on time or failure – lack of leadership on her part to fuse everyone together and meet the goal.



This month we celebrate Veterans Day. I believe this day should be dedicate to the military veterans, who gave so much of their time, talent, and lives to ensure peace and prosperity for all of us. Many of them died or received serious injuries, but they still believe in what they did and would probably do it all over again.

While I’m not comparing a virtual assistant’s day to a day of fighting on the combat lines, I am drawing some similarities between the two. They share many of the same traits.  Perseverance, patience, perspiration, preparation, partnering, providing, planning, and pursuing their missions are key to their success.

There are no pins or medals for virtual assistants, but they continue to provide services, because they enjoy the challenges and have a strong need to assist businesses to grow and develop. They are committed to providing specific services that businesses need saving business owners money and equipment fees.



I urge all of you to take time on Veterans Day to extend a “thank you” to those, who have served us well during difficult times. I also encourage you to reach out to virtual assistants. They have expertise in many areas. If you’re looking for help on a project, they can facilitate the project. If you’re looking for a new career, speak to a virtual assistant and they can tell you about the benefits and perks of being a virtual assistant.




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