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As a virtual business assistant, I do research on almost everything I work on. For my own business, I research my competition, rates, offers, services, and many more things. I like doing research, because it’s a learning tool. I always learn new information and ideas, when I’m researching.

I always research with a purpose.

Because researching is fun and interesting, I could spend many hours just looking up and reading, but that doesn’t get me where I need to go. I always research with a purpose – a clear purpose. That keeps me focused on what information I need to find and prevents me from wasting time reading information that I don’t really need to know.

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Web research is the most expedient way to find information.

 It’s fast and links to other pertinent information. It’s better than reading a book or magazine to extract information. Web research has all if not most of the information at the push of a button and the copy and paste feature ensures that I’ve captured the source and quote correctly.

Researching for my clients helps me to understand their businesses, products and services, and what makes them unique or stand out from the rest. I put myself in their shoes and look at their business offerings. Then I try to find the differences between the businesses themselves, the products and services, and their target markets. All of this factors into the way I research, the depth of research, and the type of research I perform.

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For comparison research, the method and time involved is minimal, but for research that compares other businesses with my clients business. It is a long and tedious process. I have to not only find the information, but also verify that it is real and true. Many website today post information about other companies, but is it true? Maybe yes, maybe no.


It falls to me to provide accurate and honest information to my clients. They depend on me to site my sources and to provide multiple accounts of the same information. Businesses that take the easy way of researching or failing to verify the information, run the risk of losing their credibility and over time, the business usually dissolves for lack of trust and honesty.


Researching also provides me with an education. I may not always have an interest in the topic I’m researching for a client, but I will learn about it anyway. Who knows, somewhere down the road, I may need to use this new information for another client. I have to put myself in my client’s shoes, so I immerse myself in the research needed to provide reliable information for marketing and blogging purposes. When it’s an interesting topic, the time flies by, and I’m entertained. When it’s a little more intricate or technical, I have to put my full concentration on it and look up any words or terms I’m not familiar with.

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Contact me at Virtual Colleague, LLC for a free consultation on how I can research for your business and products/services.

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Dr. King Day: A Time to Reflect

Next Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King Day, a federal holiday.  I wanted to take time out to remember this man and what he stood for, but more importantly, how he achieved so much and why he never gave up hope.


This winter has been full of ups and down with temperatures, rain, snow, ice, more snow changing to rain and then warmer temperatures. It’s almost impossible to go for a walk or plan any kind of outdoor activities, because the weather simply will not cooperate.

I get a bit blue and feel down this time of the year. I guess it’s the lack of sunshine, the result of overeating during the holidays and the realization that some of my goals for 2014 will not be met.

Dr. King is a great example of living your life to reflect your dream. He was a peaceful, educated, religious man that believed we could all have equality, but do it in a peaceful way. He did march, but it was peaceful. He did ruffle some feathers and make people re-think their ways, but he did it peacefully and he was consistent. He got his message out.


As I look at the calendar for the rest of the month and see the deadlines and commitments I have, I think of Dr. King. He is a great inspiration to me. His philosophy and example reaches out to me and inspires me to pursue my dream.

During his early years, he took time to meditate and find his purpose in life. He acted through his concern for human dignity and not for political gain. He did not see people as black or white, but rather, he saw people as people. He never gave up on reaching his dream. He worked at it every day and I’m sure, he was discouraged at times, but he believed it could be accomplished and he did it. He is still greatly admired today for all of his work and his beliefs have changed some of our laws and the American culture.

I mention this, because right now, I am going through a tough time. I am looking for new clients for my business, don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising and it seems like I just don’t have the drive and belief in myself that I used to. I usually get like this in the winter, but this is like having an extra dose of the blues.

After reflecting on Dr. King’s life, I realize that every day is a chance to work toward my goals. Even if they seem so far away today, there is always tomorrow to take another step forward. Dr. King used his skills to help everyone.


I feel I have the skills necessary to be successful in several areas. I love to write and I believe that is one of my greatest skills. I love to research and nothing challenges me more than not being able to find what I’m looking for. I love to explore new places and learn new things and sometimes, it can cause some confusion, because I have learned to do so much that I don’t really know what I really want to do.

I need to take the example set by Dr. King and meditate to see what direction is the best direction for me to take in 2014. Learn or explore whatever I need to know about reaching that goal and then make a daily effort to reach it.

Dr. King’s journey took him a lifetime to complete. In this day of instant gratification, I have to set realistic goals, but more importantly, a realist timeline. His “I Have a Dream” speech focused on a positive time for everyone. I need to follow my goals with the same amount of energy, faith and conviction as he did.

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