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Did you ever consider making a video for your product or service?

Video posts are becoming more popular, because they make your product or service seem real. Videos create the opportunity to provide new information about your product/service and let’s your potential customers/clients SEE your product or service in action.

script clip

While most of us have phones that can create videos, it’s not enough to make a great impression.

A great video starts with an idea about how to present your product/service. The idea should focus on what makes your product or service different from your competition. Then, an outline should be created to present your product/service in a step-by-step process. This is accomplished by hiring a video scriptwriter.

Video scriptwriter

Can anyone write a video script?

Of course, they can! But you need someone, who not only writes passionately about your product or service, but understands how to sell your product or service through words. That’s where a qualified copywriter or video scriptwriter knows how to present your product/service and how to entice potential customers/clients to contact you and ask for more information. The video script is important, because 1) it lays out the benefits of the product or service, 2) highlights the features, and then 3) gives potential customers/clients a reason to want what you have to offer. The script has to flow and seem very natural to anyone watching and listening.

man with Mic

Another consideration for a video script is the rhythm of the speaker. Sometimes, the writer has to analyze the speech pattern of the speaker.  Using words or speech cadence that the speaker is unfamiliar with can ruin a video, if it is not carefully synced together. Background in video can be distracting, so the writer has to work with the graphics department to ensure that although the product or service is shown, the words have to add additional meaning to the visual.

Music Band

Time is also a factor. You have to determine how long you want the video to run. Music may be used, but again, it should complement your product/service or create a feeling of urgency. The music should do more than create a mood. It should appeal to the customer/client’s senses. You must be careful and get full permission to use music, graphics, or other elements in your video. The penalties can be steep and include jail time.

The video presentation has to be believable, enticing, realistic, plain speaking, and give the customer/client a reason to want to know more.

As technology continues to grow and push boundaries, some business owners are going totally video. They do this for two reasons: 1) they like the intimate feeling that is conveyed to the public by looking into the camera and speaking directly to the viewer and 2) they have the opportunity to sell something visually, verbally, and audibly. Three great ways to reach customers/clients in ways they can relate to.

Camera man

Making a video can be fun and a great team-building project, so if you’re looking for something to enhance your marketing, try creating a video, but make sure you hire qualified professionals. Virtual Colleague, LLC specializes in video script writing for any product or service. Contact Virtual Colleague, LLC at JPlante@VirtualColleagueLLC.com to schedule a free consultation.

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Online Image is Everything

 You now have to decide what ‘image’ you want for your brand. Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place.David Ogilvy

David Ogilvy

 It is so true that we judge and are judged by our appearance. Not just by our physical features, but by our cleanliness, attire, and attitude. That’s why it is so important to create a brand that works for you. You must be true to yourself or else the brand you choose will betray you. For example, if I enjoy the outdoors, I can still dress to the “nine’s”, but that is not a true picture of what I like and enjoy. Jeans, boots, and a baseball cap would be a better representation of my true self.


Branding can be a tricky business, because most of us want to be all things to all people, but in business that is simply not possible. We have to select a niche and stick with it. This makes us experts in this area and we can then impress our clients.


As I labor through my online copywriting course, the leaders in this field of writing are convinced that your business brand is extremely important. Why? Because as a copywriter, you cannot hide behind a team or group. YOU ARE the copywriter and are held accountable and responsible for all of the words on the page.


If you’re a good writer and bring in money for the company, they will ask you back again and again. If you express mediocre talent and don’t show potential, your assignment will be a one-time event.

I think of “image” as the description of “you” without words. When I see you, I can guess what mood you’re in, if you’re tired or energetic, if you want to be in another place at this moment and many other things about you without either of us speaking a word. When I think in those terms, I realize how important my brand or image is to my business, Virtual Colleague, LLC.

Virtual Colleague LLC 4

I am in the process of transitioning from a variety of virtual assistant writing services to specializing in clients, who need copywriting. I will still be a virtual assistant, but copywriting is something that comes naturally to me and satisfies my creative juices.

I expected the copywriting course to cover the basics of copywriting and give a few specifics, but this course examines the whole spectrum of skills, business, and marketing strategies to become successful. It’s a lot more than I bargained for, but it is exactly what I needed.

The information I’m learning in this course can be applied to almost any business. In the course, the leaders talk about branding and its effects on the marketplace. They also talk about the art of selling and how to persuade clients and customers to buy something they don’t really need or want.


It’s not aggressive sales techniques or sales quota strategies. It’s just a step-by-step way to find what the student does best and encourages each of us to work on it and improve. I thought my brand was solid, but after reading a few chapters, I have revamped my image and changed a few things. I’m more aware of my social media presence and I look forward to posting something every day. This course is giving me a lift for my business and a personal challenge to do my best every day. I look forward to completing this course and learning so much from reading and doing the exercise.


It confirms the motto, “if you do something you like to do, it’s not work.”

  Do you have any questions or comments about copywriting?


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Web Research: a Thirst Quencher

Several of my relatives have made a lifelong commitment to finding out all they can about their friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, they cannot contain that information to themselves and instead spread the details or stories to anyone that will listen.


I’ve always wondered why some people do that, even though: 1) it’s none of their business and 2) they could have the facts wrong and ruin someone’s reputation. My theory is that they have an unquenchable thirst for information. They feel compelled to find out everything they can about everything and everyone around them.

Unquenchable thirst That is the exact opposite of web research. I offer web research as part of my virtual assistant business, Virtual Colleague, LLC, because every business needs to stay current with information about products, services or new innovation.  The most common reason to do web research is to find out what the competition is doing. Businesses need to be upfront about the products and services they offer, any special deals or discounts that’s out on the web. This provides a challenge to them to find ways to stay competitive.

Competition Web research is also used to explore new possibilities. It provides current statistics on trends, important issues, and declining interests. Scanning the web for pertinent information can provide direction to a company, so they can decide to diversify by offering new products or services or to phase out products or services that are becoming outdated or obsolete.

I enjoy web researching, because as the researcher, I learn about new items and ideas and get a fresh perspective on things that I just took for granted. As a virtual assistant, I always get a clear picture of what my clients need and why they need it.

As a web researcher, I can pull up all kinds of information, but is it relevant to the needs of my clients?  That’s why having a meeting to discuss what the purpose and focus of the research is all about saves time, money and enables me to quickly discard information that’s not needed.

     Vacation Resort

    Convention Center

New Car

Whether I’m researching a vacation resort or convention sites or just researching to find the best vehicle for the company fleet, it is important to outline what to look for and why the search is so important. I usually create an Excel spreadsheet or maybe even a PowerPoint presentation to display my results in a way that is clear, concise and easy to follow.

The end result is a detailed list (spreadsheet) of each item I have researched and broken down each piece of information into categories, so my client can make an informed decision. I may also take any financial information and make a chart or table that provides a visual of the information I have collected.

In the case of researching a place or product, I may create a PowerPoint presentation with a page for each item or place I have researched. I try to provide pictures or photos and list the Pros and Cons on each page. This may seem unnecessary, but I’ve found that after reading reports for most of the day, my clients prefer visuals, so they can look at the whole picture rather than just concentrate on the numbers.

A web researcher must be vigilant and discerning. Everything on the internet is not true or substantiated and that’s why web research is a lot like trying to find your ancestors. You must find matching information that verifies the original information that you found, so you can count it as true. It’s not enough to just look things up on the internet and take them at face value.

Just as my relatives have earned bad reputations as gossipers and busybodies, so to for any web researcher that wants to keep clients, the information has to be true and correct.


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Did you know that Virtual Colleague, LLC writes press releases for companies, groups and associations? So what is a press release and why should you use one?

A press release is a written statement released to various forms of media, i.e.: newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, online forms of media, etc. It is an announcement of important news about the company/group and usually talks about some future event or new product/service or even a membership drive that details what the group/association is all about and why you should be a member.

The press release may include a scheduled event, but not just the details of the event, but some background into why it’s so special and discuss the purpose of the event. A press release may also be used to introduce a new product or service to consumers. This press release would give a detailed description of the product or service, what it can be used for, and why you simply can’t live without it. It may also give some history about the product or service development and why it is superior to other products or services that are similar. There may even be a free trial offer or discount for new customers.

Press Release

Press releases are also used to announce promotions of employees or business partners and any awards they have received. Some companies use press releases as an affordable alternative to advertising their products and services in big pricey ads in newspapers and magazines. By promoting their employees and officers at promotion time, these companies feel they generate “good” publicity by demonstrating what a great place it is to work and how an employee can move up in the ranks. Although these types of press releases are mostly found in business publications and newspapers, they can be found in online groups and on the company website.

Press releases are sometimes used to announce sales figures in an easy to digest manner. Rather than pure boasting about their achievements, companies will send out a press release about their sales figures for the last quarter or quarters and may also highlight the top 3 salespersons responsible for those numbers. It is a professional way of bragging and it is effective in challenging their employees to make sure that they stay competitive and on top of their share of the market place.

Sales Figues

Sometimes smaller companies are scrambling to get noticed by investors and consumers alike. In this case, smaller companies would create a press release that focuses on a series of newsworthy items. For example, they may want customers to know that they now have 50 employees after starting the company with only 10. They may have diversified their product to include colors or sizes. They may boast that they always have free shipping or that they only use UPS door-to- door shipping. They may also include stories about their employees. For example, a nod to returning veterans or describe some of the charities that the company supports.

In these ways, companies, groups and associations can continue to promote themselves in a positive way and stay active in the minds of customers and consumers by releasing these press releases on a frequent schedule.

Sometimes, a whole news story can be generated by one aspect of a press release. These stories are usually written by journalists or freelance writers for newspapers or magazines.

Creating press releases are a huge part of Public Relations. It is the responsibility of the PR team to get the public interested in what the company, group, or association has to offer and why it is something they need. A Press release is just one of the way they do this.

Writing a press release can be fairly simple, but you must be creative to make it “stick” with customers.

1)      You need to write a catchy headline

2)      Write the body of the text – be concise and deal with the facts

3)      State the “5 Ws” and the H clearly:

  1. Who is this about?
  2. What is the actual news?
  3. When does this happen?
  4. Where does this take place?
  5. Why this is news?
  6. How is this happening?

 Blank Page

4)      Make it clean, crisp, and applicable to your audience – use good grammar and use jargon that the customer will understand, if writing about a specific type of product

5)      Tie it all together, so the potential customers will see a normal progression of the idea and facts.

Press Releases are also being created as infographics and PowToons. This requires greater creativity on the part of the PR team, but it is well worth it! The use of social media will greatly improve the audience and reach of the press release in any form and generate more business, because it reaches a more diverse audience.


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Virtual Colleague, LLC can write press releases for all events, promotions, new products and services and other items or newsworthy business. Contact Virtual Colleague, LLC for a free consultation and find out how working virtually can help your business save money, while getting the job done effectively, within budget and on time.

Email Jo Ann @VirtualColleagueLLC.com for more information.



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