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Write it, Read it, Do it!

As part of the services I offer in my virtual assistant business, Virtual Colleague, LLC, I create training manuals and instructional material. Now, this sounds easy to do. Right? All you have to do it just take it one step at a time and write down what you’re supposed to do. Whether it’s hit a specific button on a computer, pull on a lever, or speak in commands; this should be very simple to create. Not really!

Scrabble Guide

There is more to writing training manuals and instructional material than just writing down step-by-step tasks. Let’s take each project one at a time.


An instructional manual can be a booklet, card, or video, sometimes written in different languages, that describes how to use a widget. The manual starts with how to unpack the widget and tells the user how to get it ready for use, if that needs to be done. The manual also gives step-by-step instructions on how to use the widget with many caution and safety comments interspersed between the steps. It also lists do’s and don’ts and gives advice on how to care for the widget, warranty information, where to find replacement parts, where to take it for service and other information.


Examples of manuals are how to operate a lawn mower, how to connect your television to your computer, and many other things. Pinterest is a mini-instructional guide to how to do things including shortcuts.


A training manual is very different. The purpose of a training manual is to describe to the user how to actually use it to do the work. For example, if you want to create an excel spreadsheet and you’ve never used excel before, you can find instructions online that describe each step and click to create a spreadsheet. Training manuals teach without bringing in all the safety and cautionary advice. It is a clear-cut systematic description of what to do and how to do it.


There may be times when the user has a choice about certain options. For example, in the spreadsheet, the creator may want to change the font. This action is described, but the user is told that the change can be made at any time. It is at the discretion of the creator. Training manuals are geared to quickly learning how to do something without distracting details. It is clear, simple, concise steps to achieve the end result. Examples of training manuals are SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), logging in to a specific software program, creating a blog with WordPress or BlogSpot.

What starts out as something simple can turn into a complex project in minutes. I always start with an outline and then write up one section at a time. Then I condense or expand each section according to difficulty or available options. Formatting and visual presentation is not so important, because my client usually has a specific font, size, and format in mind for the project.


As always, I try to offer my client more options, so they can choose what is right for them, whether it’s formatting, word choice, photos, and graphics; I always try to present the project from different perspectives.

The take-away is this: always hire professional writers to do your work. It may seem simple to you, but a professional writer will have an in-depth look at the project and may suggest other topics to cover. Your project will be written in a clear, easy-to-read style and contain all of the information needed, because the writer looks at your project with a new set of eyes.

To find out more about what Virtual Colleague, LLC can do for your business, click here.


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May Day is a popular holiday in Europe and other parts of the world. In France for example, people wear Lily of the Valley flowers to represent the beginning of spring. In other countries, young women dance around a May pole. As I understand it, it was some kind of dating ritual to get the attention of other suitors. It was a time to come together and celebrate new beginnings. It was also a half year celebration from November 1st and a pagan ritual. Over 80 countries celebrate this holiday in one form or another.

Lily of the Valley

Another meaning for May Day is International Workers Day. It is a time to celebrate the work force and usually protest or exhibit some gripes or issues facing workers. Unlike Labor Day in the United States, which is designated specifically as a day of rest for all workers, May Day in other countries is a time for discussion and action. Workers often picket or protest to call attention to workforce problems and issues.

People Discussing

As a virtual assistant, work issues crop up all the time. When I engage with a client or potential client, there is a possibility that there will be miscommunication or unspoken expectations. It is my responsibility as a business owner to troubleshoot any potential problems and extend myself to ensure complete understanding of all assignments, deadlines, and any other criteria that could derail the project.

Another meaning for May Day is a distress call. This is used as an international signal for emergencies. It comes from the French words “venez m’aider” meaning “come and help me”. The second word “m’aider” means “help me” and sounds like May Day in English. They say “May Day” three times, so they’re no confusion that it is an emergency.

May Day

So on May Day this year, will you celebrate spring and a new beginning, take the time to discuss workplace issued with management or ask for help with something you’ve been struggling with?

For a virtual assistant, most days are a combination of all three. We celebrate getting a new client or retaining an existing one. We speak up, when things aren’t going according as planned, and we ask for help from the client, our peers, or get it online to gain the knowledge we need to complete our tasks and projects.

It is easy to celebrate something new, it is much more difficult to raise red flags, but the most difficult thing to do for some people is to ask for help and yet, receiving help opens the door to new knowledge and greater skills.

Plan to celebrate May Day this year and let me know what you do.


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