About Me

I have been an Administrative Assistant for several years and worked in a variety of industries. I wanted to get more involved with small businesses, so I started my own virtual assistant business – Virtual Colleague, LLC. Small business entrepreneurs  have the most difficulty to survive in today’s economy. My years of experience in the workplace coupled with continuing education in the form of webinars, seminars and participation in the International Association of Administrative Professionals gives me the edge in learning new skills and incorporating existing skills to assist business owners to grow and expand their businesses.

I am also a certified freelance writer and I have written articles for the International Association of Administrative Professionals – Providence chapter that were published on the chapter website as well as the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce website. I have a Bachelor’s degree in French and I tutored English As a Second Language students for ten years. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, knitting and taking long walks. These walks give me time to think about issues facing my clients and the quiet time to come up with possible solutions.

My blog contains short stories of events/situations that have happened to me that pushed me closer and closer to becoming a Virtual Assistant. Each blog will talk about one aspect of being a virtual assistant and how that event or issue happened to me and  triggered a response that pushed me in the virtual assistant direction and made me more happy and successful than I ever imagined. So check out my blog for a new entry every week and follow the trail/progress that got me from there to here.

For more information about me or the services I perform, check out my website at: http://www.VirtualColleagueLLC.com.






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