Are Branding Colors Important?

Virtual Colleague LLC 4When I started my business, I didn’t know anything about color and its significance. Colors have always been an important part of my life, because I’m partially colorblind. This means that I don’t see certain shades of color and I have difficult reading a sign that contains certain colors. It also means that I can never get certified in public transportation, manufacture any kind of chemicals, work as an interior decoration or indeed, work in a party store filling multicolored balloon orders. I used to argue with people about the color of an object, but now I just let them say whatever they think. I KNOW what I SEE!

color wheel

I have certain tricks to determine what a color might be. For example, if I pick up a pair of pants, I move the material and if the light catches it, it is navy blue. Black will never reflect light. In my closet, I have my shoes in boxes and they’re clearly marked: black pumps, navy pumps with bows, etc. I never buy paisley or light colored clothes. I can never tell if a blouse is tan, light pink, ecru, etc. I stick with solid colors and I can’t go wrong.

As I started to create my virtual assistant business, Virtual Colleague, LLC, I realized that I needed to choose a few colors as part of my brand. The first thing I did was research everything I could find about color and their meanings. Some of the statements I believed and some I didn’t.

First I had to decide the tone of my business and try to imagine what the website would look like in certain colors. I wanted something professional-looking, but still I wanted it to have a woman’s touch. I finally decided on brown, gold, and white.

I created all of my marketing materials with these colors and I was satisfied with the way everything seemed to fit together. I started my business and many people commented on how well my website looked. Then I ran into trouble. The website company I chose to do my website changed some of the themes and I had to choose another theme.

This really messed me up, because I couldn’t find another theme I thought was appropriate and the colors didn’t appear the same in this new theme. I think the new theme looks plain and dull compared to the one I had before, but I really can’t tell about the color scheme. What looks good to me usually looks bad to everyone else. I am currently trying to tweak the theme and the colors.

If you think this is tough, you should see me try to choose nail polish color! I never change shades of makeup without getting a second opinion. Color is important in my personal life and in my business.

As I mentioned, I’m not happy about the current look of my website, but I obtained several new clients since I changed it, so I don’t know if it’s the website or my hard work at networking that brought them to me. When I asked them, they had no comment about the website and told me they were impressed with my credentials and references via word of mouth.

I know from personal experience that color does matter and colors speak volumes. I am actually thinking of changing my branding colors. Brown, gold, and white may not be strong enough to attract potential clients’ attention, so I will have to go back to my research and see which colors are appropriate to a virtual assistant business.

Which colors do you like and why?

Check out my website at Virtual Colleague LLC

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