almond-milk-chocolate-dessert-giftbasketEveryone likes freebies or at least the chance to get a freebie. That’s why I always offer a raffle item, when I’m an exhibitor at an event. As a virtual assistant, I have so much to offer businesses with regards to completing projects and saving them money. I just need to get their attention.

Exhibiting at an event is a great way for me to present my business and stand out from the others. I really enjoy thinking of and creating the perfect give-away prize. I don’t repeat what I’ve already given away. In my opinion, it displays a lack of creativity. How can I convince business owners to give me a chance, when I can’t even get creative with a give-away prize?


Virtual is a concept and not a concrete form, so in one way, my creativity can flow in many different directions. On the other hand, I do want the prize to somehow mirror or explain what I can do for their businesses. I’ve come up with a few ideas that I will share.

My business name is Virtual Colleague, LLC, so I want to capitalize on the “virtual” and “colleague” aspects. For the virtual aspect, I offered a pair of men and women’s sunglasses. They were stylish and I presented them in gift boxes. People asked me what that had to do with my virtual assistant business and I told them that the sunglasses allow people to look at the world with ease and eliminate any glare. The sunglasses assist them virtually, so people are comfortable using them and get great results. I’ve also given away smaller items like keychain flashlights that don’t require batteries, those purse-size little note pads with matching pens, etc. All of these items are small, inconspicuous, but produce great results.


For the colleague aspect, I always thing in two’s, pairs, or groups. The most expensive prize I’ve ever given away is a massage for two people. I’ve also given away movie ticket packages for two, a few different his and hers gifts to signify that the colleague part of my business is a partnership and not just boss and worker each doing their own thing. A few times, I’ve given away group gifts such as coffee and donuts for their office, a pizza party, or lunch for the office.


These give-away prizes can be expensive, but I’ve found that the contacts I make and the interest they generate in my business more than make up for this cost and some of this cost can be used as a tax deduction.

2 sided VC business card

If I’m just networking at an event and I’m not exhibiting, then I make sure I create an exceptional business card. The quality of the print, color, size, and paper quality are important. I use both sides of my card to put out as much information as I can and I give them to everyone I meet. Some may just throw it away, but many hang on to it as a reference and that’s how I get many of my clients. I achieve great results through networking, demonstrating style and professionalism, and showing the uniqueness of my business.

 What type of give-aways do you have at networking events?

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