It’s been several weeks since the holidays and most of the things I planned to do are not done and probably will not get done. I’m always overly optimistic about doing things and I have a “can-do” attitude. I think I can do it all, but sometimes I fall short. I always make a small list of things I want to do or changes I want to make.

One thing that I continue to work on is “virtual health”. I divide health into 2 categories. The things that crop up that I have to take care of: dentist appointments, mammogram, annual checkup, etc. These things are necessary, but there doesn’t have to be a medical problem to get them taken care of. I call these things “routine health”.


My second category of health is “virtual health”. What is this? This is my day-to-day health and habits. For example, what I eat or not eat? How much rest and sleep do I get per night? What type of exercise do I do and how much time do I spend doing it? How much stress is in my life right now?  Am I a caregiver for someone? Am I in a good relationship with the people around me and the people I love?

All of these things affect my health. Virtual health, in my opinion, is the daily things I have to do to keep myself in good health. If my daily lifestyle isn’t balanced, I won’t be in good condition to ward off colds, the flu, arthritis, and aches and pains.


Using the same comparison with my virtual assistant business, the two go hand in hand. I have to be fit for work. Learning new technology, working and meeting all project deadlines, and then making time to network and promote my business, Virtual Colleague, LLC.

My virtual health has to be in good condition, so I can get up every morning feeling refreshed and ready for a full day’s work. I need to take vitamins or any other medication that balances my system and allows me to feel well. I also need to be able to work under some pressure and deal with sudden changes in my life. This is not always easy and can send my business reeling, if I can’t recover quickly.


Like networking, I must find the time to practice yoga and go for walks to refresh my mind and body. Yoga calms me and regulates my breathing and walking provides natural exercise and clears my head. It also allows me to think things through without interruption.


Virtual health is important, but most of us rarely pay attention to it. We only notice it, when we feel sick or think there’s a health problem. Although I have regular hours for my virtual assistant business, virtual health is really 24/7.

So how do I master virtual health? The same way I handle my business. I schedule time to do specific things. I take time to learn new skills, which strengthens my concentration. I schedule breaks and lunches, so I will have at least a half hour away from my desk. No eating at my desk and working at the same time. That’s counter-productive. If it’s a nice day, I may even take an hour for lunch and walk for half of that time just to stretch my body.

I’ve found that a quick walk at lunch time renews my energy and I can accomplish as much in the afternoon as I did in the morning. I am a morning person, so I schedule the difficult tasks for the morning. In the afternoon, I continue with the day’s work and create the schedule for tomorrow. In that way, I know exactly what I have to finish today and what I will do for tomorrow. All deadlines are met in advance using this method and it’s less stressful.

calendar due date

That’s the virtual health plan I use to stay healthy and active, while achieving a good work/life balance. What do you do to keep virtually healthy?


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