The twelve days of Christmas starts on Christmas Day and ends on the day before Epiphany or January 6th.  I don’t know, if I want to take all of this time away from my business, Virtual Colleague, LLC, but I would like some time off around the holidays to prepare for the celebrations and then to enjoy family, friends, and yes, the presents I received.

12 days of Christmas

Some companies shut down between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It gives them time to clean up and fix anything that needs fixing and then start the new year ready to produce and make money.  The virtual assistant business is different for every owner. If you have a client that needs your assistance every week, then taking that time off may be a problem. You can always subcontract with another virtual assistant for that period of time, but unless you are familiar with the quality of work that the subcontractor produces, it could have a negative impact on your business.

Bad employee 1

On the other hand, if you can re-arrange your schedule and your clients’ so you can have time off, then this break will work for you. I would suggest speaking to your clients in advance and see how they feel about taking this time off. You may find that they, too, would welcome some down time.  You may find that they’re traveling during this time and you may be able to do some of the routine work in advance of this break.

Being a business owner is never easy, but with careful planning and consideration for your clients, you can arrange holidays, vacation time, and holiday time off without creating problems or leaving work unfinished. There are so many benefits to taking time off and resting, relaxing, socializing, or trying something new. There are many articles on that topic especially at this time of year. If you’re receiving signals that time off in not something your client wants to hear, then send him/her one of those articles to prove your point. This may convince them to give it a try.

VA Relaxing

Many people today shy away from celebrating the holidays. This happens because either they have no family, their family doesn’t live close by, they don’t have many friends or they don’t embrace the religious significance of the day. This leaves them with the feeling that a holiday is like any other day and this should not be.

Party Ideas

Holidays are used as markers. They mark certain occasions in history, religious events, or personal milestones. Holidays should be acknowledged and celebrated. True, there is always some work to do, so take time during this period and celebrate the holidays and the days in between them.

You may find that your clients thank you for thinking about them and wanting them to experience the holidays, too.

Note: If you decide not to celebrate the holidays, then post on social media that you are a virtual assistant and you’re looking for work during that time. You may be able to pick up some business and make some valuable connections.


In any case, celebrate the holidays and celebrate the work you’ve done throughout the past year. That’s cause for celebration in and of itself!


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