Take a Break: Get Some Inspiration

I’ve just spent a week in Maine – camping and I feel refreshed and ready to go. Before I left for vacation, I wanted to catch up on all my emails and correspondence. I made an effort to go through all of my emails and either place each email in a folder or delete it. I have 3 email addresses with difference internet providers. I wanted a clean slate for when I came back.


It was a huge effort to get everything in order, but it was a great exercise. Why? Because while I was on vacation, my mind rested and I began to think of some of the things I read about. It seems like I read something and filed it away, and then, when my mind was clear and relaxed, I started to remember certain things I read about.

This is a good thing. I started to think about things in pieces and not try to link everything together. I was calm enough to re-think what I had read. I wanted to make notes on paper, but instead, I just filed my thoughts away until after vacation.

My best times for thinking are first thing in the morning or when I’m hiking. I thought I would be so busy watching where I was walking I wouldn’t be able to think of anything, but hiking is really my best way to re-connect with myself and my thoughts.

It’s a gentle exercise as old as man and yet, the rhythmic, flowing movement of arms and legs causes me to relax and focus my thoughts. Many times I sat at my computer holding my head in my hands trying to think something through and sometimes not succeeding. A gentle walk was all I needed.


While I’m walking I think about my past – what I’ve accomplished in my business and personal life. Then I think about the things I want to do and start making a mental list of each thing. The good thing about walking is that I can plan and dream right up until I come to the end of the trail.

Going over things that I’ve read gives me a chance to digest those ideas and think of ways to use them in my business or my writings. I originally planned my vacation to get away from everything and just chill out, but my mind never stops working.

It was a very fruitful vacation after all. I got a chance to test my driving and camping skills, focus my eyes on all that nature has to offer, and take time to stop and enjoy my surroundings.  I also got away from the noise and hectic pace of life.

Lake Mountains Lake Mountains 2

Best of all, I got a chance to really think and analyze some of the ideas and issues that have been bothering me, but just didn’t have the time to do it. Now I just have to put them into practice.

What are your plans for your vacation this year?



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2 responses to “Take a Break: Get Some Inspiration

  1. It sounds like your camping holiday was just what you needed!

    • Yes, I needed to refresh myself. I have my virtual assistant business and I just published an e-book, so I’ve been up late nights for some time. I really needed to stop and smell the roses. I did and it was great!

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