Memorial Day: A Time to Remember

Let’s take time out on Memorial Day to remember our friends, relatives, neighbors, ancestors and others who came before us and fought for freedom. I usually write about being a virtual assistant or about my business as a virtual assistant, but sometimes, we all need to stop thinking about ourselves and focus on the bigger picture.

Amer Flags

In this case, the bigger picture is taking time to reflect on all those people, who gave up so much for a better country and a better world. They fought for and died for a cause they truly believed in.

Sometimes, I spend many hours working on something for my business and yet, when I think about the commitment of these brave men and women, there is no comparison. They gave their all with no expectation of success or wealth. They fought, because they believed in what they stood for and they backed it up with action.

US Army

I attend the Memorial Day parade in my town every year. I am always struck by the dwindling number of spectators. Some spots along the parade route have no spectators at all. It is sad that many of us have forgotten about the sacrifices of others. Even if there is a family reunion or picnic on this day, everyone can take an hour or two to remember those who came before us and those who have taken up the cause to represent our country in the world today.

Every so often, we should stop thinking of ourselves and remember those who came before us. If we live in a free society today, we can thank those who fought and died for that freedom. I look forward to the parade and applaud, when the military pass by. It is a clear reminder that the true meaning of success is achieving a goal or dream. It is giving your all to a cause or belief and willing to suffer the consequences to achieve it.

Mem Day Graves

I am so proud of our military past and present and I will continue to support those who choose to follow in the footsteps of our freedom fighters. So this Memorial Day, if you get the chance to go to a parade – do so. It is very uplifting for the active and retired military to see the support from the people they are serving.

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