Recently I went to tea with my friend in Massachusetts. It’s a very beautiful tea room owned by a husband and wife. They have the usual tea room gifts along with certain loose tea selections. As any business owner will tell you, you need to offer something that no other competitor’s business offers. This tea room offers “Downton Abbey wine”.

Downton Abbey

I don’t go to tea very often. I try to go once a month, but lately, I haven’t kept to that schedule. As we sat there catching up on what’s been happening in each other’s lives, I felt calm and relaxed. I took the time to enjoy my meal, which is always a treat no matter which selection I pick.

Why do I enjoy going to tea? Is it the food, the surroundings, or the company I keep? For me, it is the whole experience. As you walk into a tea room, you can feel the outside world drifting away.

Tea Room

The careful placement of the sitting area as well as the gift selection gives the appearance of a quiet, peaceful, calm atmosphere. Everything has a place in a tea room and that quiet, peaceful order adds to the ambience. The small tables and table settings make you feel special as if they are there especially for you. No matter what I choose to eat or buy, I always enjoy that special time to sit back and be served. I enjoy the personal attention and the fact that someone is there to please me.

I try to do the same to my business clients. As a virtual assistant, I am there to facilitate their tasks and projects. I try to make them feel comfortable working with me and they need to feel that I will accomplish all activities we’ve agreed on.

Just as the tea rooms make their customers feel special or pampered, so too, does the virtual assistant need to make their clients feel valued and confident in the virtual assistant’s abilities.

Business Card

Going to a tea room not only refreshes and revitalized me, but it also reminds me that my clients deserve this same kind of treatment. It is my responsibility to make sure that all transitions are smooth and seamless. I have the responsibility to ensure that all tasks and projects are completed according to specific instructions.

The tea room owners take satisfaction from satisfied customers, so should a virtual assistant get satisfaction from a job well done and satisfied clients.


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