For the past three weeks, I’ve been house cleaning – not just the usual cleaning, but a deep cleaning – a Spring Cleaning. Why do we feel we need to spring and Fall clean?

I believe it comes from the fact that when the seasons change, it’s a time to look over everything and make a fresh start. Unlike New Year’s resolutions that are supposed to apply for the whole year, spring and fall cleanings give you the chance to go over everything you use and decide if you should clean it, keep it, or throw it out.

Cleaning Bucket

After I finished my spring cleaning, just I time for Holy Week, I sat down at my computer to read my emails. There it was staring me in the face, my computer. In my quest to clean and organize my things, I totally neglected my computer.

My Computer

At first I thought, this won’t take too long. I was wrong. The first thing I decided to do was to put some of my files on a flash drive for safe keeping. I have a flash drive for recipes, my blog posts, knitting projects, and outdoors. It took me a while to transfer these files.

Then I reviewed all of the documents in my folders. This took quite a bit of time and needless to say, I got rid of quite of few of them. I keep everything, so there were quite a few files I no longer needed.

Then I went through my sent emails and deleted most of those. Of course, I emptied the trash several times. I also reviewed all the photos in my photo folder. I didn’t need the photo of my broken tooth or the one with the bunny on the sidewalk that didn’t come out.

Computer Mail

After I did this for my personal email address, I also did it for my Gmail and Yahoo accounts. Although they were not as full, it still took time to do this. I couldn’t believe the emails and files I had saved.

I also cleaned up my bookmarked sites (Favorites). I had so many and most of them I never look at. I deleted them from both Explorer and Chrome.

Then I moved on to Phase 2, which is cleaning out the computer. I emptied the trash for the last time and then disc defragged and disc cleaned. This took some time, but I’m so glad I did it.

Cleaning Computer Keys

After that was completed, I physically cleaned my computer by wiping the screen down, cleaning the mouse and dusting my speaker, webcam and other peripherals. This was a day well-spent and my computer not only looks better, but functions much faster.


Later on that evening, I reflected on how my priorities have changed in the past several months. Most of the files I save are now obsolete or not important to me anymore. Some of the files did contain information that I need from time to time.  It was interesting, because I saw a progression away from some topics that were so important to me earlier and new topics that now hold my interest.

It is good to break your routine and focus on what you have and what you really need. A good spring cleaning is a great way to remain focused on the things that are important to you and to rid yourself and anything that’s holding you back.

As a virtual assistant, my goal is to work efficiently and effectively for my clients. This is not possible, if I don’t work efficiently and effectively for myself.


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