Now that spring is around the corner, I made a list of things to do to get ready for summer. I have an indoor and an outdoor list.  I’ve always found lists useful, because I like the feeling of checking off a task once it’s completed.    To Do List

Some tasks and projects have to be completed in steps or sections.  For example, spring cleaning my kitchen. It’s not enough to wash the walls, floor, and curtains. I go through every cupboard shelf and check the sell by dates and then wash down the shelves. I take the stove apart and do a thorough cleaning. I also evaluate every item and see if I can do without it. If I decide to discard something, I give it to a charity organization that can use it or re-sell it.


Sometimes, it takes four days to clean my kitchen. I start at one end and clean everything in my path until I get back to where I started. Some people think it is overkill, but I don’t. If I take on the task (project) of cleaning the kitchen, then it has to be done completely.

As a virtual assistant, I take my responsibilities seriously. If my client needs a project completed, I can get it done on time and I try to add something to the project. I don’t mean that I work extra time without pay or try to change the intent of the project. I simply interject my thoughts and try to not only do a complete job, but to troubleshoot any potential problems or issues that may arise.

This is always appreciated and sets me apart from many of the client’s team members. The fact that I am willing to immerse myself and my thoughts into the client’s business makes me an integral part of the team and easier to send work my way. Team Members

By getting totally involved, I can do a better job, because I understand more about the project and its intent, because other team members want to share their thoughts and ideas with me. I am a sounding board for ideas before they approach management. I build trust with everyone involved and I gain knowledge from working on something that I’m not all that familiar with.

Even if I’m not really excited about a project and not all of them are interesting to an outsider, but still, I put myself in the middle and start asking questions or reading online material about the product or service.

If the project is something remote, meaning that it is very technical or scientific and I will never us it in my daily life, I put my skills to the test and use the process as a mental exercise. How much of this information can I remember? How can I correlate the information without memorizing all of it? Those are questions I ask myself and then I just apply myself and try to be as effective as I can be. It benefits both of us.


So the next time, you have something uninteresting, boring, or too technical to do: remember that you can use your time wisely to learn something completely new or use it as a mental exercise.

How do you feel after completing a project? Post your comments.

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