It seems like every time I read a blog post or article, the writer wants feedback. Even the television news programs want feedback from their views. Why is this? Are they insecure about the topics or content they’re presenting or are they just trying to learn what their audience wants?


While feedback is important, because it provides the opportunity to grow and develop, whether it’s in writing or what you’re offering, it can also erode confidence and re-direct the intent or purpose of the production. For example, discussing a sensitive topic might evoke an emotional response. It may start a dialogue, which in turn will create a platform, where many ideas are expressed and will eventually lead everyone in the group to a better understanding of what the issue is and how to deal with it.

 2 people arguing

On the other hand, the group may be so one-sided that the discussion or intent of the article is twisted and torn to shreds. Feedback is essentially anyone giving their opinion. If they take the time to give an opinion, one assumes that they have a keen interest in this topic. Feedback can be a negative thing. If someone works hard on an article, work of art, song, musical piece, decoration, etc., they’ve done their best and expect kudos for it. If kudos is not forthcoming, then bad feelings set in. Even though the feedback may be a genuine criticism of their work, it is not taken that way. That’s why feedback should always be balanced. Start with the negatives, but state them in a gentle way. Don’t condemn all of it, but offer ways to improve it. End the feedback with the positives. If feedback ends on a positive note, then the person requesting the feedback will be able to accept the criticism much better, because they feel that their work is not a total loss.

Kudos Another point to remember is that feedback is just an opinion and not the law. Just because one person doesn’t like what’s been created, it doesn’t mean that there are hundreds out there with the same opinion.  It is just one person’s perception.

As a writer, I am subjected to feedback from many people and I welcome it. Sometimes, I make a typo mistake or leave out a word. It is a stupid mistake and someone always brings it to my attention. I have 2 choices: either get angry with them for pointing out something that is absolutely true or realize that in order for them to point that out to me, they had to read my post, so I have another follower – a positive. Feedback is a good tool to use for your writing style. Some people are very descriptive, while some get right to the point. We all have a different way of expressing ourselves, so feedback is important because it lets us know what is appealing or not appealing to the readers.

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