I’m sure all of us watched the Olympics on television. I didn’t get to watch as much of it as I wanted to, but I always enjoy the 2 weeks of Olympic competition. As a virtual assistant, I am constantly striving to learn more about new software programs and to find new clients. Sometimes it seems like an Olympic event.

Olympic President

There is so much preparation that goes into finding new clients. Not only finding them, but finding out where to find them and then there’s meeting with them, listening to their problems and concerns and offering solutions that I can provide to them.

When I meet with a client, I feel like I’m at the starting gate and I need to be the best and most knowledgeable problem solver and provide immediate answers to their problems. It is daunting, but well worth it, when they sign on with me.

2 people meeting

I can appreciate all of the work that the Olympians go through to just get to the Olympics. They have to be the best in their sport and beat out the competition to go on and compete. Being a virtual assistant is a lot like that. The client has several options to get their work done. Virtual assisting is just one of those options, but presented in the right way, it can seem like the only option.

Of course, it’s not just the competition at the Olympics that I enjoy, but the stories of the athletes themselves. Some of them have not had an easy time of it, but they hung in there, because they love the sport. Virtual assisting can be financially rewarding, but many of us struggle to get new clients. We don’t have the luck or connections to really get ahead quickly, but a fast start does not always mean a good finish.

Building your professional brand and your client base takes time. You need to develop trust and make a reputation for yourself. Your niche or specialization is also important, because it determines which groups will be drawn to your services.

PERSONAL BRANDING POWER Just as each Olympian strives to be their very best, every virtual assistant does the same thing. In some cases, virtual assistants work 7 days a week. If they’re not actually doing work for their clients, they’re marketing their business, taking an online webinar or attending a function, where they can promote their businesses.

Virtual assistants don’t win medals, but they do compete for business and the best ones rise to the top. These are the virtual assistants that not only learn how to market their business, but how to fit in the extras, such as blogging, which is so important in this age of social media.

Watching the Olympians strive and struggle gives me the incentive to continue to promote myself and my virtual assistant business and to be the best I can be.

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