My blog this week focuses on all virtual assistants, not just on me. Presidents’ Day is a day dedicated to all presidents, whether they were good for the country or controversial, they all had an impact on the United States and the future of the country.

President Seal

Every person aspiring to become president has to dedicate their personal lives to promoting their public lives. A person aspiring to become president usually 1) gets involved in politics as a young adult and 2) establishes party affiliation and 3) works diligently for that group to promote herself.

Virtual assistants follow a similar path. We declare our specialty or niche as opposed to a political party. We also work diligently to promote ourselves through affiliation with LinkedIn, Google and other groups.

Just as the would-be president has to stand out from the rest of the crowd, so too, does a virtual assistant. Through continual training on a variety of topics, the virtual assistant rises to the top of her profession.

Social Media All

 A political candidate must also have a strong media presence. Not just his/her own website, but maintain a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites. The candidate has to keep her information current and keep pushing her own personal brand. Sometimes, the candidate may offer comparisons between 2 or more candidates.

A virtual assistant has to do the same things. We must try to stay current on all social media sites, pushing our business brand and demonstrating our strong points and explain why we are the best choice. Unlike a political candidate, the virtual assistant has to do this on her own. There are no volunteers to provide free help for her business. Instead, she either has to do it herself or pay someone else to do it for her.

A virtual assistant doesn’t have a large organization to help her plan her business strategy or to offer comments and suggestions as political parties do. She also doesn’t receive donations, because people think she’s very good as what she does. Instead, she has the weight of her business on her shoulders and she has to perform her work very well in order to get paid.


Virtual assistants have member groups on social media to help with advice on general topics, but it is up to the virtual assistant to take charge of her career and her business. She is the president of her company.  If she does well, she may get referrals from former clients and attract new ones.

The virtual assistant business is built on proficiency in the services they offer, social media marketing expertise, and perfectionism to get the job done right every time and on time. Clients’ satisfaction is paramount to continued success. Virtual assistants have an impact on every client they work with.

Female President

So although we celebrate the presidents of the United States on Presidents’ Day, let’s remember that every day, a virtual assistant is president of her company and she has all of the same responsibilities as any president of any company; the only difference is that she is both president and employee.

For more information about Virtual Colleague, LLC, check out the website.

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