How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You’re a Virtual Assistant

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about the celebration of love, but who has the real definition of love? It can mean different things to different people and is there a difference between loving people and loving things?

Valentine Day

As a virtual assistant at Virtual Colleague, LLC, I really love what I do. I enjoy working on projects and tasks each day and get a great deal of satisfaction, when they’re completed and finished on time. I have no trouble deciding how to celebrate the holidays in my personal life, but when it comes to business, I really have to look at the whole picture.

As I said, I really love what I do, but just because I love the work, it doesn’t mean I love the clients in the same way. How do I show my appreciation for a long-term client? It’s a business relationship and not easy to figure out.

Business People

From a marketing point of view, I should take advantage of every holiday and opportunity to promote my business, but Valentine’s Day is a tough one to promote. I have to be careful not to come across as too personal or inappropriate.

After quite a bit of thinking, I’ve decided to write a few short lines about how I appreciate my clients’ business and how it allows me to do some of the things I enjoy doing the best. I always feel it is a good marketing technique to thank clients/people for checking out your business and wanting to know more. Although they may not need your services now, they could need them in the near future and you would be the first one they think of.


I wanted to so some poetry, but that’s not my specialty, as you can see.

Thank you all

For your email and your call.

Although I love to write

I can make your workload light

By working together and forming a bond

Working with me is like waving a wand.

The work gets done,

So you have more time for fun.

 I didn’t want to send that poem to my clients, so, I just jotted down a simple note of gratitude. I think Valentine’s Day is a time to show clients/people that you care for them. I don’t think it has to be in a sexual way, but just a day to remind them that they’re special to you in some way.

Thanking my clients is a way to show them that I think about them, whether we’re currently working together or not. Once they do business with me, I always consider them clients. That’s why I keep in contact with them.

I don’t send out physical gifts like flowers or chocolates. Being virtual has its limitations and I’m not in a position financially to do that, but a note on special occasions goes a long way. Everyone likes to be remembered.



  So Happy Valentine’s Day to my clients both active and inactive and my blog readers for staying with me every week. 

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