Groundhog Day: Seeing Possibilities or Not

As a virtual assistant, every day is like Groundhog Day in the sense that an opportunity can pop up or get missed. Every day is a day full of promise and surprise and sometimes bad news or tragedy, but I always start the day on a positive, optimistic note. Even if I know that I have to do something I don’t want to do or something I find irritating to do, I still try to approach it with an open mind and a positive attitude.

Puxs Phil Lied I don’t know what‘s going on in Punxsutawney Phil’s mind before he pops his head out of his hole, but I do know that having a positive attitude works in almost every circumstance. Although I don’t “celebrate” Groundhog Day, I have learned a lot from this celebration. The first thing I’ve learned is that I need to poke my head out and take chances. Opportunities may pop up, but if I don’t take advantage of them, I’m not going to get anywhere or learn anything new.

The next thing I’ve learned is that I cannot be afraid to make changes or choices. Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t know, if he will see his shadow or not, but he has to take a chance and pop his head out of his hole. He has to take action. Only then, can he see the choices he has and he can make his decision based on what he sees.

LIfe Begins Outside the Box

The next thing I learned about this celebration is just that – to celebrate a good outcome. If Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t see his shadow and stays outside of his hole, the crowd cheers and welcomes his decision that spring is not far away.  Celebrating tough choices and good outcomes is part of the positive thoughts and feelings that come with each day.

The group of men with Punxsutawney Phil actually dresses in formal attire and speaks in a German dialect. I wouldn’t expect that kind of celebration, when I do something with a good outcome, but I should take time out to congratulate myself on a good decision or the positive result of making a change.

Punx Phil Men Group

Not all change is good. Punxsutawney Phil sometimes goes back into his hole for another 6 weeks. I guess the strong sunshine is intimidating for him, but at least, he pokes his head out and gives it a try. Finding clients for my virtual assistant business is a lot like Groundhog Day. It’s putting myself out there, so business people can see what I have to offer and how I can help them to save money and grow their businesses. It can be scary, especially when I face opposition, because some people don’t understand the concept of working virtually, but still, facing these challenges and working through them makes me stronger and I grow personally and professionally.

Networking One on One I remember the time I networked with a group of business people. It was a tough group with very dominant personalities and strong likes and dislikes. I went through the process of meeting them, listening to their business concerns and then explaining to them how I could help them. I managed to speak face to face with many of them and by the end of the evening, I was exhausted. Some of them had negative attitudes and although I didn’t get one client from this group, I went home and celebrated the next day, because I had the perseverance to keep going and I didn’t give up. I could have gotten discouraged and gone home early, but I didn’t. I took the challenge of promoting my business and I didn’t let anything or anyone discourage me.

Punxsutawney Phil has to make up his own mind about the weather, but every day I start with bright, happy thoughts and I know that a spring of activity and clients is right around the corner.

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