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2014 Resolutions or Predictions

How many of us make New Year resolutions? I don’t. Instead, I make New Year predictions. What’s the difference? It’s all about the point of view!

The word “Resolutions” sounds very constricting and so final and is resistant to change.  It almost sounds like a command. The word “Predictions”, on the other hand, sounds more optimistic and the possibility of change will come, if you help it along.

I make predictions, because:

  • It gives me the leeway to change the intended results, if other factors come into play
  • I can make several predictions and they have a good chance of coming true
  • Predictions give you the mystery of guessing how things will turn out, which in turn motivates you to help to MAKE those things happen





 Resolutions, if not properly planned out, can fail within the first 7 days of the year (diet and exercise have the biggest failure ratings). Resolutions are too exact and don’t have room for flexibility. Today’s world demands flexibility to get everything done, so restricting yourself too much will cause the resolution to fail. Also, resolutions do not take into consideration the reality that your scheduled plans may conflict with others and that your plans will have to be changed.

I’m convinced that predictions are the way to go. There’s so much positive energy and hope and optimism in planning for something to happen.  Whether it is personal or professional or sharing or volunteering, predicting the outcome of a plan is the best motivator.

You want to do this thing, because you listed it as a prediction, so you automatically believe it can be done. The next step is thinking about how you can make it happen – and that’s part of the fun and motivation. As each day passes, you get closer to the realization of your predictions, so you’re always striving to succeed and keeping your goal(s) in mind. A great motivator!

My predictions for 2014:

  • I will stay healthy and fit throughout the year
  • I will expand the offerings for my business, Virtual Colleague, LLC, and take it in a different direction
  • I will spend more time outdoors and enjoy the natural things in life
  • I will spend more time reading and less time worrying about things I cannot change

By the end of 2014, I should be healthy and fit. I have lupus, so this is sometimes a challenge, so I have to take care of myself every day. I love to write, so I’m considering the possibility of self-publishing, which will help me to expand my business. It will also allow me to do something that I love to do and it will help others to recognize my skills. I need to spend more time outdoors, not in the sun, but just sitting down and relaxing and inhaling clean, fresh air. This will help me appreciate the natural things in life and stop and smell the roses. I need to read more. Reading relaxes me and expands my vocabulary, which is important to me as a writer.

I hope I am successful with my predictions. These goals will get closer with every passing day. They are attainable and can be achieved in small steps and who know? I may go beyond what I think is possible!

What are your predictions for 2014?






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