Benefits of Article and Advertising Copy

This is the first post about one of the services that I offer in my virtual business, Virtual Colleague, LLC. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am focusing on the writing services of my business.

In this post, you will see how important article writing is and how it can help to grow your business, organization, or group by highlighting the benefits of the product, service or volunteer opportunities available.

Newspaper Article

As a certified freelance writer, promoting an idea, suggestion or offer through written words is more effective than just a poster or a sale. Let’s talk about article writing.

When I write an article about a product, the article defines the product, gives dimensions or sizes and, states what the product does for you, the customer, and why you shouldn’t live without it. The article can then either give you the history of the product or itemize the other uses for the product and reinforce why you absolute cannot live without it.


While video and cartoon-type advertising is eye-catching and flashy, it is so costly. Writing is an art form and it has been around for centuries. It is effective, because:

  • The customer can refer to it on paper or via computer
  • The message can be as long or short as needed
  • The message can be copied and placed on many different types of media
  • Speaking words is a momentary type of communication, but the written word is there for all to see and is PERMANENT

The most interesting part of writing an article for a company, organization, etc. is that the writer gets an opportunity to really get creative and get the message out about the product or service in a unique and positive way.

Along with article writing, which can appear in a blog, magazine or website, creating advertising copy is fun, interesting and a learning experience for the writer. Through advertising copy, a writer has to really get to know the product or service and come up with new ways to present it, education consumers to go out and buy it, and come up with a catchy phrase or slogan. Not really the easiest thing to do, but still, a fun, mind-exercise that can stir hours of creativity from within.


Part of article writing has to do with facts and details, but it must leave the reader with wanting to know more about the product or service.

I’ve had the opportunity, through my writing, to promote activities of the International Association of Administrative Professionals – Providence Chapter both on the chapter website and on the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce website. The chapter events and activities were out there online for all to see and hopefully readers would contact the association for more information.

I have recently been asked to co-edit the monthly newsletter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals – Crossroads Chapter. It is a volunteer position, but I will be responsible for providing content on a number of topics for the newsletter.

I am thrilled to have this opportunity, because it gives me a chance to do my favorite thing, which is writing and I get to promote activities and events for the association that provides education and training for all administrative professionals on all levels.

Virtual Colleague LLC 4

Do you know anyone that could use the assistance of a writer for any reason? If so, please ask them to contact me at, so we can discuss how I can help them with their project.

How do you feel about reading rather than listening to an advert? Please leave your answer in the comment section.


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