Play Ball

Being from New England has its advantages. Every state is small enough to interact with the others. This became apparent last week, when the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. Every year one of the teams in the league wins and receives a trophy. This year after hearing about each of the Red Sox players and what they had to overcome, it made me stop and think.

The stories started trickling out, when the playoff games began. The announcers would single out players from both teams and give their audience a glimpse of the player’s career or family life. They do this to drum up interest in the games, but it also endears the players to the fans.

I’m in the first year of my own virtual assistant business, Virtual Colleague LLC, and there are many ups and downs. I’ve had some great clients and some that were horrible. I’ve learned a lot about people and about being in business. 


Mindset is extremely important. The Red Sox had the right mindset, when they showed up for training camp back in February. Their mindset was propelled even further after the Marathon Bombings.

What set the Boston Red Sox apart from the St. Louis Cardinals? Other than rivalry, it was experience, community support and a huge desire to counteract what had happened in their city. The Cardinals are a team of young players, just as talented as the Red Sox, but less experienced.

When the Red Sox won the series, the Cardinals just stood there in shock. They honestly thought that they were going to win. That is what mindset does to a person. It makes them focus on their goal and encourages them to sacrifice everything to obtain it.

Just because the Red Sox won, it doesn’t mean the Cardinals are a lesser team. It just means that experience counts, when the going gets tough.

I can only imagine how the Cardinals felt, when the game ended and they lost, after coming so far. I think they took it well and their coach logically explained why he thought they didn’t win. I think the Cardinals handled themselves professionally, even though they were so disappointed.

I sometimes feel like the Cardinals in my virtual assistant business. I try hard to get new clients and get the word out about my virtual assistant business, but I sometimes fall short of getting a new client or attracting new clients.

I’m putting in 100% effort, but not getting the results I think I should be getting. Like the Red Sox-Cardinal matchup, experience is the edge. My virtual assistant business has been open less than a year and by all accounts, I’ve done well for that short period of time.

Just as the Cardinals wanted to win the Series, I want more – more clients, more work and more publicity. I need to go back and analyze my strengths and weaknesses, just like the Cardinals and determine which areas need improvement.

All of the players on both teams are highly skilled in what they do. I also have great skills and a variety of work experience, but I am a novice in the business world. That needs to change.

I had an opportunity to attend two farm team baseball games last summer. Two of those players made it to the Red Sox team and won the World Series. They persevered and kept refining their actions and learned from past mistakes.

I need to follow the examples of both teams and keep honing my administrative skills as well as my business skills. In spite of many personal and professional obstacles, the Red Sox players won the World Series by overcoming physical and psychological barriers.


 In other words, I just have to take the initiative to “Play Ball”.

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