Trick or Treating as a Virtual Assistant

Halloween is tomorrow and although I’ve never really gotten into Halloween, every year I enjoy watching the children get all dressed up and parade around the neighborhood.

Last Saturday, I went to town to do a few errands. They were having the Halloween Parade from noon to 2. The sidewalks were loaded with parents towing their children in all sorts of costumes. There were ghosts, batmen, Spidermen, princesses, brides, dinosaurs, bananas, sharks and other creations.

A few of the parents got into the spirit of it. It was fun to see how creative the parents were in finding appropriate, well-fitting costumes for their children. Some of these costumes were handmade.

Halloween Blog 2

I took a few minutes to just stand aside and watch them go from shop to shop, all excited and happy, and get a treat from each shop. It was only a small piece of candy and only 1 piece of candy per person was given out, but still, the children received some compensation for their efforts in getting in costume.

This whole spectacle got me thinking about my virtual assistant business, Virtual Colleague, LLC. Most of the time, I put in a great deal of effort to market my business.

Like the children, who knew they were going to the Halloween Parade, I think about my business brand as well as my personal brand. What do I want to emphasize, how do I want to present my business? I ask myself these questions, decide on the answers and then move forward.

Just like those children, who watch the clock in anticipation of Saturday noontime, I also anticipate opportunities to market my business. It can be anywhere and at any time. I am always ready with my brochures and business cards to talk about my virtual assistant business.

I watched those children very closely. They started at one end of the street and stayed on that side of the street until there were no more shops. Then they crossed the street and continued on to the other side.

I approach my marketing in the same way. I prepare, then map out a plan and stick to it. I’m sure that some of the children didn’t like some of the candy that was given to them, but they continued on, knowing that more was out there and they just had to keep trying to get as much as they could.

When marketing my virtual assistant business, the same holds true. I keep to my marketing plan. It may fall on deaf ears or maybe that person will never need to use my services, but I just stay focused, positive, and keep at it.

At the end of the 2-hour parade, some of the children looked tired and others just couldn’t wait to get home and see the results of their efforts.

I feel the same way about marketing. I frequently stop and evaluate what I’ve done and see what the results are. Sometimes it’s a little disappointing, while other times, I’ve really gotten several good leads or at least a meeting with another business person.

Halloween Blog 1

Just like the mixed bag of candy at the end of the parade, my marketing plan has received several new leads to pursue and/or meetings with potential clients.

Just like the children, I sit back and pick out the things I like the most and work on them first. For the children, it’s their favorite candy. For me, it’s the best lead I have to bring in a new client.

I guess Halloween Trick or Treating isn’t so bad after all!

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