Ask and You Shall Receive, Seek and You Shall Find

This was a prayer my mother used to say from time to time, when I was growing up. Mom and Dad were firm believers that you had to earn your way, but you also had to make your intentions known.


In other words, if you want something, go after it, but be prepared to earn it. It should not simply be given to you. Whether it was a birthday or Christmas present, I had to have “good behavior” to get something.

As a virtual assistant, I have to network constantly to get businesses to realize all that my company, Virtual Colleague, LLC, can do for them. It’s not enough to have a catchy name for my business or a flashy website. I have to reach out to them, listen to what issues and problems they’re facing and then write up a proposal (RFP) for services.

In the proposal, I outline what I can do for their business, so they can save money or work more efficiently. Sometimes, it is easier for someone outside of the business to see where changes can be made.

I always put myself in the same position as the business owner, so I can see things from that business’s point of view. Although I commit myself to growing my client’s business, I am also committed to growing my own.

My virtual assistant business is my career and I need to be self-supporting, so although I focus on my client’s business, I still need to meet my own bottom line and focus on my goals for my business.

A virtual assistant has to be highly skilled and have a can-do attitude. I have to be open to new ideas and ways of doing things differently and not just stuck in a rut. I am constantly going into online forums to see what kind of problems virtual assistants and businesses are facing.

With my clients, I try to suggest new ways of doing things and avoid any repetitive tasks. For example, combining data into one spreadsheet that is shared among a group of employees. This eliminates time needed to interface 2 or more reports.

It also keeps everyone working on the project and not falling behind. If the spreadsheet is missing information, it is clear to see, who has not input the information needed. Also, special reports can be created from all of this data, so the business can focus on certain areas of concern.

I have to earn the trust of my client’s business through my work, my ideas and suggestions for growth and possible re-organization. Trust is earned, not just given.

In business, trust is one of the most important aspects of success, whether it’s financial or dedication to the product or service, trust is what keeps customers and clients coming back for more.

“Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find” should be the mantra of every virtual assistant. It is what needs to be done to get new clients.

Do YOU know anyone that can use the services of a virtual assistant?

If yes, ask them to call 401-384-0257 or email and speak to me about how a virtual assistant can help their business to grow by saving them money on employee costs.


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