Doing the Job

A few days I met with a potential client over breakfast at a local restaurant. I was surprised that she wanted to meet over breakfast, because I thought that just a coffee shop would do, but no, she wanted to meet me and get to know me, before she made a comment to do business.

I respect that because she is passionate about her business and although she’s doing well now, despite this bad economy, she is looking toward the future. She wants to keep building on what she has now and wants to expand should the opportunity arise.

She always has a Plan B. As I sat there listening to her describe her business and goals, I was amazed that she is so positive.  She will reach her goals AND go beyond. Her energy and positive attitude was refreshing.

I usually meet with potential clients, who want me to explain to them how I work from home and still get the job done or they can’t see why they need a virtual assistant, when they have someone sitting  right outside their door to do whatever needs to bed done.

I sat there and she outlined her plan, but also asked for my input and this convinced me that this is a woman with a mission. Although she is confident about her plans, she wanted feedback, which is so important in business, especially when making changes.

She described her plan in phases and stopped to let me comment or ask questions. I learned so much about her and her business in such a short time. I barely ate my meal, because I was so riveted to her energy and the way she presented herself.

By the middle of the meal, I knew I wanted us to collaborate. I honed in on certain ideas or issues she raised. She finally finished speaking and asked me to talk about myself and why I would be the best virtual assistant for her business.

As she began to eat, I presented by biography in relation to virtual assistant work and the background I have, which relates to her business.

Then, I meticulously went point-by-point and addressed not only the problems or issues she raised and how I could resolve them, but also, what I had to offer in addition to just solving problems or performing the tasks she needed to complete.

She seemed impressed with the fact that I came totally prepared for this meeting and didn’t let the restaurant atmosphere or any other distractions keep me from giving her my full attention. She told me that she had interviewed several virtual assistants, but she wanted to work with me. The reason: I was not only prepared, which is something she values in people, but also, because I offered to do more than just perform what needed to be done. I was the only virtual assistant to offer this and that clinched the deal.

She came prepared with her own contract and condition and terms and I also had mine. I told her I would look over her contract and see if the two contracts were similar. If they were, then we could merge the two contracts into one and both of us would sign.

She smiled and said that she likes people, who know how to apply themselves to every situation and ready to take on responsibility. She didn’t even blink, when I discussed my fees with her. She even dismissed the 3-month contract in lieu of a 6-month contract.

I was so happy and excited to have a new client, that I can’t even tell you, what I ate for breakfast. I CAN tell you that I met a business owner, who I believe, will succeed, even during these hard times, because: 1) she has a business plan, 2) she always has a Plan B, 3) she has energy and a positive attitude and 4) she values and respects people, who come prepared to work and succeed.

I needed this boost, after a slow summer and I am preparing to get all the software needed to assist her with her business. The best thing about being a virtual assistant is when your hard work pays off and a new challenge is right around the corner.



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