Letting Go of Something Familiar

Our kitchen table is over 30 years old. It’s not a family heirloom or custom-made. It’s just a moderately priced kitchen table with 4 chairs. I bought it back in the 80’s, when I moved to the big city. It’s small enough to be small and big enough to invite friends over for dinner.

I moved back in with my parents in the late 90’s, because they got sick. I hated to move back in, but every night after work, I would stop by and check on them, do whatever needed to be done for them, and then head home, which was another 20 minute drive.  They asked me to move back 3 times, but I said no. I wanted my freedom, but eventually, I realized that I would never have time to relax at home, because my parents really needed my help. I sold my place and moved home, along with all of my possessions. My kitchen table was one of them. At first, I just wrapped up all of my things and placed them in the corner of the basement. After all, my parents had all the things they needed.

Well, as time went on, my parents recuperated, but still had medical problems. Their prized possessions broke or didn’t work and I suggested that they use my things that were just sitting there all wrapped up. Thankfully, Mom and I have the same taste in most things, so when I suggested to them to use my things, it was a smooth transition.

Thank God that kitchen table doesn’t have ears. It’s heard all kinds of stories, arguments, debates and gossip. It has also hosted many a guest and visitor and served as a holder for all kinds of things like mail, groceries in bags, car keys and anything else that we threw on it temporarily.

Mom is a person that doesn’t like change, so when one of the chairs split due to being too close to the furnace duct, she just held it together with duct tape in a very discreet way.  If visitors came over, we always let them sit on the other seats.

Well, fast forward several years and now not only are the chairs  in disrepair, but the leaf in the table is now a quarter of an inch below the 2 sides of the table. It is no longer safe to just place a glass of water or milk on the table. It has to be strategically placed, so it doesn’t spill over. Finally, Mom has had enough and asked me to take her kitchen table shopping. I did and she is now the proud owner of a new dinette set. It has white legs with a cherry top and 4 chairs. We went to several stores, but when she saw what she wanted, it was a sale.

As a virtual assistant, I enjoy the comfort of what I know and I try to use all of my skills. Learning a new skill is fun and interesting, but using it for a client is a different thing. Social Media skills are in demand, especially for virtual assistants, so it is important to learn as much as possible about it. I enjoy learning about it, but hesitate to offer it to my clients.

Why? If I can do it well, it should be on my list, but…It’s not a familiar thing. It’s a new thing and that makes me hesitate. I am cautious by nature, but just learning about something is not enough. I feel my clients deserve the best, so just learning something and then trying to come across as an expert is not something I do well. I need to feel I really know it – inside and out.

I want to learn all I can and then present this to my clients, but …maybe I’m too cautious, but my clients are important to me. I wouldn’t want them to deceive them.

Mom was really anxious about finding a new dinette set. She is 86 years old and doesn’t like to make decisions. She likes the familiar and the comfortable. As a result, she has some difficulty dealing with new things or not being able to find what she wants, because they don’t make it anymore.

I saw this over the past week and I decided that I wouldn’t fall into the same trap. I am making a real effort to learn all about social media, but will start offering some services to my clients very soon. I will also alter some of the services I offer now.  Doing this will help me refocus and stretch my knowledge. I’ll also get to prove my new abilities to my clients.

I need to let go of familiar!


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3 responses to “Letting Go of Something Familiar

  1. Lorraine Marie Reguly

    Throwing things in the trash is difficult, even though they no longer serve their purpose. It’s hard to let go of the memories that are attached to them. I’d recommend taking a picture, and commemorating the table in a blog post, the next time that happens. Of course, this suggestion is applicable to other items as well. 🙂

    • Good ideas! I will keep that in mind for next time. My Mom decided to put the table and chairs out by the road, so if anyone pasing by needed them, they could have them for free. It wasn’t out there 15 minutes and 2 women picked them up. They waved at us as they drove off. At least the table and chairs went to someone, who really needed them. Thanks for your comment.

      • Lorraine Marie Reguly

        Good to hear that someone else found use for them. I try to always donate what I can, rather than throwing something out.

        I made a collage for my dad recently and so I thought of taking pictures. Also, taking pictures for my own blog posts is something I like to do, so this is always on the back of my mind, anyway!

        Glad it helped!

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