The WordPress Family Award

Wordpress Family Award

I have to thank Lorraine Reguly of Lorraine Reguly’s Life for nominating me for this award. This award recognizes me as part of the WordPress family! I am so pleased to receive this award. Discovering new and interesting blogs is what giving and receiving blogging awards is all about. Today’s post reveals an award that I have received and some blogs you may want to visit. This is my first award. I am honored to receive the WordPress Family Award. If you want to check out some new blogs, take a look at the blogs that I have nominated as well as the blogs of the person, who have nominated me.

There doesn’t seem to be any rules for this award, either, except to nominate ten people who have WordPress blogs and notify them of their nomination, so here is my list of ten bloggers on WordPress who will hopefully accept their award as graciously as I have accepted mine.


  1. girlycamping®  –!/read/blog/id/38358721/  I love to read about Mandie’s adventures and she is even running a contest for 2 plane tickets to Fiji!
  2. Clubdancer 8 –!/read/blog/id/54092541/ Using a Virtual Assistant is Simply Good Business Sense
  3. Gastronomy Archeology –!/read/blog/id/22551564/
  4. Susan Woodward – Amethyst Rose’s Muses –!/read/blog/id/28065573/
  5. Jane C. Morrison – Virtual Assistants –!/read/blog/id/54536407/ Virtual assistant tips
  6. Blue Ceramic Mug –!/read/blog/id/55194230/ about life, kitchen and knitting
  7. Paint Your Landscape –!/read/blog/id/15333348/
  8. Grammatically Incorrect and Slightly Entertaining –!/read/blog/id/46108513/
  9. Pans and Needles –
  10. In Deep // Starting my Yoga Journey –

Some of these people’s blogs are new to me, but I hope that by nominating them, others will read their blogs and enjoy them as much as I do.

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