Heat Wave vs Work

For the past 4 days, we have had extremely hot weather and no rain. In fact, the weather predictors have called this a “Heat Wave”. It is not unusual for this area to have some super-hot days, but this is really pushing it. So what does this have to do with being a virtual assistant? Plenty.

As a virtual assistant, you have to deal with what’s presented to you. Whether it’s learning new software, changing the way you do your tasks to become part of your client’s team or any other changes you have to make to work smoothly with your clients.

On television and the internet, there were suggestions on how to stay cool during this time, but there’s nothing like actually walking-the-walk that proves those suggestions true or false. I’ve been reading several forums on various aspects of virtual assistant problems and issues. I have learned so much about many things, but there’s nothing like being faced with those issues/problems that tests your ability to overcome those challenges and be successful.

It’s a challenge to stay cool, when it’s over 90 degrees and the barometric pressure is 70. So too, as a virtual assistant there are times, when some tried-and-true methods, simply will not work. It is then that I have to dig down and find a solution. Staying cool is part of the virtual assistant persona. My clients don’t want someone, who panics every time things don’t go as planned. Keeping cool is one of the disciplines a virtual assistant must possess to be successful.

Recently, I downloaded some new software. Sure enough, it did not work properly. I tried every option I could think of, but I just couldn’t get it to work. Time was running out and I needed that software up and running. The next morning, I carefully went through the download process again. This time it was a success.

Why? Hot weather and slow computers are not compatible! Sometimes, it’s just a glitch in the system. The point is: Just keep trying until you succeed, even if it’s 90 degrees and you feel like giving up.

One of my main problems in the summer months is that I like the outdoors, so I want to spend less time indoors. This is a problem, if I’m doing transcription (I need my foot pedal) or have to concentrate on my work.It is an Olympic challenge to keep my mind focused and not wander to other thoughts. I don’t live near a body of water or a forest or a mountain. My surroundings are pretty normal for a residential neighborhood, but my mind still wanders to places I’ve visited and where I would much rather be at any given moment.

So what’s the cure for this? Simply set goals for today and prioritize your tasks.

Make yourself finish your clients’ work that needs to be done today. Do this first.  I develop a weekly plan, which incorporates all of my activities from client work to errands and personal time. Client work comes first, then things I need to do for my business and then other things. I find that after I finish my clients’ work, I can focus on other things. I know I have met my obligation.

If I can work outside, I do. I have been asked to make a presentation about being a virtual assistant, so I take my notes and head outdoors. I memorize my lines as I take my daily walks.I also take short walks around the neighborhood, when I take my breaks, so I can clear my head and think of ideas to blog about. The walking stimulates my circulation and clears my mind. The sun gives me energy and elevates my mood. No matter how busy I am, a walk in the sunshine works wonders. I may be hot and sticky after a brief walk, but my mind and body are cool and collected and ready to get back to business.

My whole life has changed since becoming a virtual assistant. I am now my own boss, but I’ve learned to discipline myself, so I can do many things that I never had time to do. I am free to learn almost anything and give my clients the best service possible by paying close attention to details and treating them as a colleague and not as a client.

To learn more about my virtual assistant business, check out my website at: www.VirtualColleagueLLC.com.

To read more of my blog posts about how I became a virtual assistant, check out My Virtual Assistant Blog at https://write4yu2.wordpress.com/

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