Introduction to My Blog

Introduction to My Blog


This is my very first blog post. I am so excited to share with all of my readers, some of the events in my life that have changed and molded me into a happy and successful virtual assistant.

I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Either you caused it or you didn’t, but in any case, you still have to deal with it. In dealing with it, you learn discipline and patience. You also learn to think differently and to adapt to different situations, so you can get yourself back on track or move forward. Sometimes, it’s a simple as a broken arm that only sets you back for about eight weeks of your life. Other times, it can be a life altering experience that sends you into a totally different world, where you will never be the same again.

This blog is about an uplifting, positive approach to life’s little struggles that can shape and enhance the rest of your life, if you let it. I am not the same person I was as a young adult. When I think back about my dreams and what I wanted to do “when I grew up”, I was so sure about exactly what I would be doing. I have developed so many skills and learned a lot from other people, just by observing.

Well, I never actually got to do all of those things that I thought would be perfect for me. Instead, I let other experiences and adventures take me into the unknown and now I am so happy that I did. I experienced so many things that I thought were impossible and created a very happy, rewarding and at times adventurous list of activities that keeps me very busy.  I am an entrepreneur, a business woman and I am successful!

Each post will contain snippets of life that tell a good tale and have a positive result. Stay tuned to this blog, where you will see how the small things in life really shape your future and that big things are easier to deal with, if you learn to handle the small things. Why? Because you’ve already practiced on the smaller things and that makes you an expert.

 If you enjoy reading about life in a positive, upbeat way and see how it can transform your life into something much better, then this blog is for you. I’m an optimist and that shines through everything I do.

So I hope you will check out my blog next week, where I will begin discussing some of the events that have made me who I am. Who knows? Maybe we both have been through the same things or something similar. If you haven’t, then you will see how I dealt with it and how it made me a better person –happier and more successful.  

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